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January 2014 Leaving the US for 6 months.  Alex Killian is taking over the gym as of January 6th.  He's been working into the system for the last two weeks and is bringing some new wrinkles to the training.  The hours will remain the same and to make an appointment just call Alex at 732-977-6185.
July 2013  Wow time flies.  Summer is almost over.  Lots of outdoor training at Marylin Monroe Park.  Put together a fitness test for September.  Not mandatory but may be fun followed by a swim.  Starting yoga classes Monday and Friday at 7pm starting July 29th with Thea.  doing a Harriman State Forest Hike this Fall.  More on that later.   
March and April 2013  Started operating in new space March 1st.  Did the Dan John Warm Up is the Workout and some strength and conditioning work.  Held Killsport 3 on 3 basketball tournament at Marucci Park Spring Lake.  Entry was 10 dollars a person and  all proceeds went to drinks at Saint Steven's Pub.  Next month it will be a kickball match.  K-Rod won his MMA match in AC.  Getting ready for outdoor training in May once weather gets better. 
February 24, 2013  Strating new year and ending 3rd year in Asbury.  We are moving to a larger space across the street.  Rebearth Gallery and supply moved upstairs and we are moving into their spot 535 Bangs Ave.  In process of cleaning, painting and hoping CO is ready by March 1st.  Ladies are completeting the 2nd level of body sculpting this month while men are cycling though a strength and conditioning program.  Ladies will finish with the top level of the sculpting program in mid April.  Planning on doing some beach workouts once the weather warms up.  More on that next month. 
December 8, 2012  Christmas party at Gallery 13, Cookman Ave Asbury.  Headlines:  Helen rides Dasher to victory in reindeer race.  Sandy Relief Fund 12/12/12 earns $458.00 in betting contributions.  Jill fails to appear with famous brownies but Casa Del Dolci (Cookman Ave. Asbury) comes thru with kilos of gelato.  See gallery section for more photos.
December 3, 2012, party Saturday. 7pm till. Gallery 13 Asbury. Members free. Non-members $100.00. Main focus of December training is Get ups. Starting with 50 reps of no weight and progressing to as heavy as safely possible by end of month. See you next year.
November 23, 2012, so much for good weather.  Sandy changed that.  Asbury was lucky.  Gym closed for only a week.  Outside workouts terminated and now doing strength work with deadlifts, overhead presses, some squat variations and row variations.  My daughter Meredith competed last week in clean and jerk long cycle doing 78, clean and jerks with a 20kg kettelbell.  Not too shabby.  Here is the shortcut to the video from the event:
Our Christmas party kicks off December 8th at Gallery 13 on Cookman Ave. Asbury.  Scheduled events  are Al's Jewelry Roadshow, Rheindeer Races, DJ Pete music extraviganza, Jamies magical sangria door prizes and much more. 
October 14, 2012, This month we are spending outdoors working on some cardio and endurance.  So far we've been lucky with the weather.  Yesterday students were swinging bells, pushing and pulling bands and running city blocks.  Someone said the it was 32 degrees at 0700 hrs when we were outside, but everyone warmed up quickly.  
Here is an example of this month's workout.  7 minutes warming up with functional warm-ups from Mike Boyles functional training program.  Swings 20 on 10 off for 8 sets.  Partner up in teams of 4.  Two pull bands while the other two run city block.  Change runners and pullers.  Do 2 sets of pulls and 2 sets of pushes with bands while alternating the runs.  Next comes leg killer, 5 minutes of air sqts, lunges, jumping jacks and ice skaters followed by Systema situp and leg lifts for 25 each.   
September 2012, Switzerland
Spent 2 weeks in Switzerland visiting friends and touring the country on the Alps train.  Thanks to son Alex for running the gym in my absence.  Visited Lucerene to see, amongst other things, the most beautiful carving I've ever witnessed.  The dying lion was said to be the saddest rock Mark Twain had ever witnessed. 
August 8, 2012,  Finished the Bench Press, Zercher, Pull-up cycle.  Lots of improvement over original test.  Considering we never do anything other than one arm kettlebell presses and most never did a Zercher or even knew what it was, our original 5 rep max was set pretty low.  Gains of 45 lbs were seen in 5 weeks.  I thought Pavel didn't like the bench press.  I guess he just didn't like the way my generation was over emphasing it.  For the record, I never wore a weight belt on the bench nor wore parachute pants, headband nor a tank top.  This month men are concentrating on the pistol and the one arm one leg push-up.  Girls are doing girl things, much too hard for men, that's why girls are doing it and not men.  Workouts look something like this:
RND 1  Airborne lung <= 5 reps per leg
          DL- 5 reps
           pull-up - 5 reps or less (weighted)
           isolation one arm push-up
RND 2 Two leg pistol sqt
           DL - 5 reps
           pull up, 5 reps or less
           1 arm pump
RND 3 Box sqt pistols
           DL 5 reps
           pull ups 5 reps or less
           2 hands together dive bomber
RND 4 Concentric pistol
           DL 5 reps
           pull ups 5 or less
           Elevated 1 arm push up
RND 5 snatches, agility ladder or jump rope practice 5 minutes
Rounds 1 thru 4 are all in Pavel's Naked Warrior Book, except DL which is in Power to the People.
5 minute warm-up
3 rounds of the following:
Zercher or goblet Sqt for 3 reps
plank 30s
bridge 10 count
Girl with Dragon Tatoo push-up x 6
30s of each of the following ab exercises:
cry babies
Dying Cockroach (2 legs straight up and spread, touch opposite foot with hand)
Boxers leg lift,  hands over head, raise one leg and touch with 2 hands.
Boxers ab twist,  knees to chest and feet up twist hips in 45 degree angles.
Agility ladder,
1 foot in high knees, 6 laps
2 feet in, 6 laps
hop scotch 6 laps
in and out left and right from side, 6 laps
Cool down with some puch kick work on heavy bag.
Stretch, handg, cobra, hip flexor, pretzel.
July 6, 2012, No 20 pull up guys yet.  Some 3 pull up girls though.  Pavel may not be as handsome as I but he is smarter and more talented.  Whenever I need to know something I go to him.  I read his books, I watch his tapes, I go to his seminars when I can.  He recently published a workout involving 3 lifts.  The bench press, the zercher squat and the pull/up.  He calls it Simple Strength.  Of course everything for Pavel is simple, for the rest of us its work.  Simple it is.  Find your 5 rep max in those 3 lifts.  Do 3 weeks of 3 rep sets as many as you can.  Do the bench first, zercher next and pull up last.  Go for 3 weeks, 2 times a week and test your strength on week four.  Stop reps when you start to fatigue.  Girls are doing a sculpting program, each session involves some sort of twist, lunge, push a pull and a leg strength exercise combined with a lot of repetition.  I would hate to do their workout.  But I know it is good because no one has said, "that was a good workout."  I have learned that when someone says that was a good workout, they really mean that it was very hard.  If they say it was good, I ask them if they would like to repeat it tomorrow.  They usually say, "No."   Jill resigned from the 2D&R Club and Dave the Devil Hater has gone missing for a month.  Hopefully he is deep in researching winter ocean swimming.
June 15, 2012, Its not my fault.  Wife has confiscated computer to do translations for former Tito country.  She is now on the road and I have some PC time at last.  A few things going on at the club last few months.  We did hike number 2.  Harriman State Forrest New York.  7 and 1/2 mile hike up to overlook site that displayed NYC skyline.  Nine people went.  Nice girls from former Yugoslavia made the trip interesting.  I packed some ears of corn and offered one to nice girl who thought I was joking.  Everyone knows that it takes 4 hours to cook corn in the Balkans and even then only Saron like it (pronounced sharon, its a carp).  Anyway sitting on the mountain top eating raw corn watching sexy girls eat corn and suddenly a thin (obviously never saw a kettelbell) man comes running down the trail in terror yelling "Bear!  Big bear!"  Interesting.  The gym also started 2 new clubs.  A drinking club for re-toxification after a workout on every other Thursday evenings.  First meeting was at Stella Marina in Asbury, the second was at the Columns in Avon.  President Jill has picked Sunsets for the 3rd meeting.  The club named 2D&R (2 drinks detox and re-tox requires members to make 6 events a year and have a least 2 drinks at each meeting.  Another club started is KICC (pronounce kiss).  Killsport Ice Cube Club.  Its founder, Dave 'the devil hater' who swears we can swim through the winter months next year has yet to establish the first meeting in which he will present certain data showing you will not freeze your nads off in cold water.  As far as training, girls have been switching programs every ten workouts from strength, to boxing, to HIT, to kickboxing. Men cycled through a modified Not so Easy program and now are doing Press and pull-up ladders.  God of strength give us a man who can pump out 20 strict pull-ups.  Oh yea K-Rod triangle choked his opponent in the first round of his cage fight at convention hall Asbuy 3 weeks ago.  He's been doing Easy Strength  for 4 months and is on a 2-0 roll.  Keep on rollin Irish man.
March 15, 2012, This is what we did last month for men.  We guestimated on the light side what a 10 rep max would be for the squat and one arm overhead press.  Following the DeLorme program for hypertrophy laid out in Dan John and Pavel's book Easy Strength we lined up 3 sets of bells.  The lightest being 50% of the 10 rep max and the next bell being 75% of the 10 rep max and the heaviest being the 10 rep max itself.  Doing 5 reps of each starting with the lightest and finishing with the heaviest then getting a 3 minute RI before hitting it again.  Doing as many sets of this as possible.  Once you reached 5 sets it was time to go one bell heavier.  You are directed to test your 10 rep max and recalculate which is a moot point with kettlebells as you have only a choice of an 4 kilo jump when using one bell and 8 kilos when using doubles. That was the Monday w/o.  Wednesday was doing the same number of sets you completed on Monday but with only the small bell.  Friday was the same number of sets with the lightest and the middle bell.  Ran the program for 40 days.  Students grew like weeds.  Can't wait to revisit this one again which is a good feeling as it tends to show that the program was not overly difficult and shows  you were not training on the nerve.  Otherwise you would dread returning to it. This month were back onto Easy Strength.  Using DL, and its variations, one arm bench, cleans and squats for men.  Ladies did body sculpting last month and are now back to Easy Strength.  Looking to try something new with them going to 10 day programs.  More on that later. 
February 2, 2012,  Easy Strength program produced as book said it would.  We did 40% of sort of max on DL, 1 arm press, Goblet Squat and 1 arm bench press.  Reps of no more than 10 per exercise and only 2 sets of each.  Never doubt the wisdom of those who have been there.  If you think it is not enough, test it at the end.  I think you will be pleasantly surprised.  Not to mention your joints feel good and you have energy for the rest of your activities outside the gym.  After an easy month it is now on to some what John calls Armor Building.  More on this next month.
December 2011, we completed a 40 day strength cycle and went into an endurance cycle.  Next month it will be Easy Strength from Pavel.and Dan Johnćs book.  Christmas party was interesting.  Had it at Murphy's Tavern in Rumson.  A Speak Easy during prohibition and maybe still is.  How else could they get a liquor license to operate in the middle of a development.  Check it out sometime 14 or 17 Ward Lane Rumson.  30 members participated and some good door prizes were given, a dragon knife, a kasper crawford folder, a meat smoker, some jewelry, health oil treatments, etc. Here is an example of one endurance workout we did:
     10 dive bomber push-ups
     20 alternate twists with med ball
     10 windhield wipers with olympic bar
     10 squat and twists with med ball
     20 lunges with med ball
     15 horizontal pull-ups
     1 minute rest and 3 rounds
     Above followed by kettlebell swings of:
     5 right hand and 5 left with light bell
     10 hand to hand with medium bell
     and 10 two handed swing with heavy bell 
     Bells set in a circle and student pushes to compete as many rounds as possible in 5 min.
     With warm-up movements and cool down, program is completed in 30 minutes.  Yes, I know it isn't difficult, but then again they all shouldn't be difficult.
November 1, 2011,  Men completed Geof Neuport's Kettlebell Muscle Program.  Nine completed it and two terminated it due to work conflicts.  Its a tough program and every time I run it I am afraid to lose someone.  But not this time.  And the program delivered the muscle gains as promised.  Some complaints of too much muscle and too much weight came in.  Not a bad thing for men.  The ladies completed a body sculpting cycle which became quite intense by the end of the cycle.  Both men and women are cycling through strength and some technical work on the pistol squat and the get-up.
A couple things coming up this month with some members.  John Vigiano has an open studio event on November 11 at Montclair University.  Some members considering going out for dinner and catch his act.  Dr. Robert Cioffi is directing 33 Variations of Beethovan in Randolph NJ on November 17, 18 and 19.   Congratulations to Fred Bauer on his new book American Arwrology.  The book had been started by Bob Kasper until his untimely departure and Fred worked hard to get it finished and published.  Its a good book to accompany Dr, Perrigard's Arwrology WW2 classic.  We are still debating a hike up in New York State before it gets too cold and a Christmas Party in Asbury. 
September 13, 2011,   Girls going through a 40 day cycle of sculpting, sorry girls only.  Too tough for men.  Men are hitting Geof Neuport's Kettlebell Muscle program.  Those that did it last year are trying either a heavier doubles or doing weeks 7 and up with same bells.  Luckily I am still re-habbing and will miss this cycle.  Experience tells me, "I hate it therefor I need it."  I think next month is a cycle of circus strength tricks.  We have tickets for Roller Derby Saturday the 17th.  Doors open a 1830 (6:30 PM) and start at 2000 hrs (8PM). 
Training group is mixing Marine Corps WW2 combatives with Arwrology and Russian Systema.  The three systems are all the same just different.  Arwrology is an interesting science developed prior to WW2 and put into print in 1943 with the purpose to train military combatives.  The inventor is a doctor from Canada Docotor Gordon Perrigard. It is based on Samurai jiujitsu and backed with medical knowledge and a major dose of personal and group psychology.  In 2001 a Marine Corps H2H Association known as the Gung Ho Chuan Association founded by Bob Kasper Joe Kanabrocki and John Watson were given rights by the Canadian Society of Arwrology to start an American Arwrology Chapter.  Seven (7) members were selected a Dragons and given secret identities in the organization.  Bob Kasper the 1st Regent of American Society of Arwrology passed away in 2006 from a long battled illness.  He publicly named his successor prior to passing, Fred Bauer.  The name Arwrology comes from a Welsh term meaning, hero, all-out hand-to-hand fighter.  The system uses hand and leg strikes on the outside, bone twists and pressue points and strikes in close all with the purpose to set a trap for death chokes.  The system is a strong believer in body movements that create a conditioned reflex under all stresses of combat.
August 2011- recently returned from Crna Gora.  Thanks to Alex for covering training in my absence.  This month starting workouts with 3 to 5 sets and reps in one legged dead lifts, bulgarian split squats and pistol squats combined with variations in press lifts, one arm, see saw, military, seated, floor, etc.and followed by 8 minutes endurance work followed by 4 minutes of abs.  Training group has got a fortunate surprise with a Russian Systema artist.  We are busy learning as much as possible with his technique and using it where it flows well with our system.  Nice mix.  H2H class is now full (sorry, small space) but new class building.  Planning night out at Roller Derby for Killsport gym and son's killsport crossfit from Belmar.  Waiting for tickets to arrive to see what kind of break we can get on prices.  Also planning a hiking event in early November. Last one was challenging and kettlebell strength was obvious in everyones legs.
Just got back from the hike.  Nine (9) of us went.  A lot of last minute bailing. First off I want to thank John Vigg for setting up the hike.  His experience obvious picking the perfect route that was challenging but not over the ledge (get it?). Hike was about 8 miles in length.  Four (4) miles up to the overlook spot we picked for lunch, called appropriately the Russian Bear.  Of course we hauled a 24 kilo bell up so we could perform the RKC snatch test (that should be good for a few more years).  After the 2 hour climb up to the bear we sat for lunch.  The meat came all the way from Montenegro and was carried up by our sister and brother from Crna Gora.  Easy task for people from a country named after a mountain.  The temperature was warm but not too hot.  All the squats over the last couple years surely helped as the pace was steady to the end.  John brought his dogs who were quite busy chasing chipmonks and rolling in s_ _ _.  Jamie pushed me in a stream to see if I could float with a heavy rucksack and Brian and Suely got an Oscar for best picture(s).  Karen and Barb did a great job of navigating,  Barb showing off her map reading skills.  We stopped at the famous Rhodes Inn for a beer and some more food (hiking makes me hungry).  A bikers paradise.  Had to be 30 to 50 bikes there.  Bathroom was locked for an hour with someone inside saying he had not sh_ _ in two days.  All in all a fun day and plenty of calories burned.  Sorry about the sore legs and hips tomorrow.   Planning stage two in October, early November with a survival skills twist.  More on this later...
JUNE 26 Killsport members are planning a class trip to Harriman State Forest New York for a 7 to 10 mile hike.  See me for maps and strip maps of hike and route.  Vehicle travel is about 1 hour and 15 minutes.  It is a straight shot up the GSP to New York Thruway Route 87 towards Albany and quickly exit onto 17 North.  Drive into Sloatesburg (famous for bootlegging during prohibition, gangsters and burying bodies) and make a right at the light on 7 Lakes Drive.  Welcome center is just down the road on the right.  Plan on leaving at 0800 hrs (8am) meeting at Welcome Center to start the hike by 0930 (9:30am).  Late comers can meet us on the trail or at the halfway point for lunch.
Trails are well marked with color dots.  A single dot is the trail direction.  Two dots means a change in direction and Three dots means another trail color is about the intersect and/or join.
Trails are rocky and danger of twisting an ankle is possible.  Don't worry, we have plenty of strong men an women to carry you out.  However, boots with ankle support would be a good idea.  Old boots are best.  If you plan on buying new ones, you need to break them in.  A quick way to do that is to submerge you boots in water for a few minutes then go for a walk and keep them on as long as possible that day.  You should carry your own blister kit, mole skin, small scissor,  See me if you don't know what mole skin is.  Also a second pair of socks is a good idea.  We plan to hike half the route, stop at an overlook spot (elevation is just over 1,000 feet) eat a snack (which you need to pack) and then hike back.  There is a nice restuarant Rhodes North Tavern on 17 in Sloatesburg that has live entertainment and good food, and a picture of Bin Laden in the urinal.  Suggest you stop in for a beer and burger.
Things to bring:  small back pack with, snack or lunch, comfort food like candy trail mix for on the move, drinks, water, maybe 4 bottles and hydrate fully before starting hike.  There are bathrooms at the welcome center.  Weather dependant you might want a sweater and a rain jacket and hat.  Plastic zip lock bag for map.  Toilet articles (if you have to go you have to go).  Mole skin, small first aid kit.  Compass if you want.  Any concerns, see me.
Hiking with a pack on your back is a great way to burn calories and strengthen and trim the legs
Those who are new to hiking need not worry about being able to accomplish the hike as it is much easier then the hundreds of kettlebell squats you have been doing.
Lions, tigers and bears.  Bears and pine rattle snakes yes, lynx and mountain lions rare, lions and tigers not a chance.  See note on bears on gym wall and be careful when looking under rocks and logs that provide a cool place for a snake to rest.
May 2011, men have been working on one day of presses and seperate day of pulls.  Using Pavels press ladder and push days and rotating deads pull-ups and renegade rows on pull days.  Women are getting a dose of general work, lots of variations and reps.  Training group has been working knife fighter skills and ground training concerns.  Knife fighting is on Wednesday evenings, men and women are welcome as long as they can pass a criminal history check.
April 2011 ' ending a month of squats, swings and get-ups.  Everyone is getting stronger.  Love those I go you go drills from the RKC.  It's amazing how much more power you put into a swing when you break it into sets and have the emphasis of someone pacing your rest interval.  Also like the breathing rest intervals (RI) suggested in  the RKC Level II manual.  Ten (10) swings, 5 breath RI, 20 swings 10 breath RI. Good way to teach trying to control and slow your breathing down during a fight.  On another note, tis the season for girls to buy swim suits.  Time to summarize.  Warrior diet and more reps.  The last time I did the warrior diet I got too thin.  This time my 20 hours of grazing will include Tanka bars and protein shakes.  Paleo has worked well but now thinking of cycling in the warrior diet for the summer.  Always notice newly found energy and free time (no sit down breakfast nor lunch).
Training group has been working on fighting with distance.  Learning footwork, how to position to maximize opponents to lean in and how to force the opponent to use lines outside the box.  Sword fighting skills have been added to the training as more incidents of knife situations are read in the papers and chances of encountering a knife on knife situation appear more likely.  After all Asbury is a city and street crimes after hours do happen.
New late fee has been initiated for those not making it on time:
10 KB swings
10 burpees
10 squat jumps
10 x 10 mountain climbers
10 KB krunches
(not a bad workout times 6 rounds either)  Yes its not that hard but everyday shouldn't be anyway.